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We work in partnership with hundreds of websites and agencies specialized in international education around the world, so students can access the information they need.
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Ally is a marketplace that connects global education partners in real time.
  • Upload prices, photos, videos and marketing materials
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Time saving CRM

We save you time at every stage of the sales funnel and you convert more visitors into qualified leads.
  • Customize your own sales process with pipelines
  • Track every interaction with your lead
  • Visa, health insurance, accommodation and flight notification
  • Upload unlimited documents on student profile
  • Generate documents automatically

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Create and send sales quotes from the same place you manage your leads.
  • Mobile friendly
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Everything you need to launch effective and segmented campaigns that makes people interested in your business.
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Enjoy accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.
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Promote Yourself
Your courses listed on our hub to hundreds of agents and students.
Billed annually
Quote + CRM
Starting at $25.40/month
Billed annually

Quote + CRM

For schools that struggles in keeping their operation centralized and seeks for a powerful and integrated platform to manage their leads, applications, and much more, all in one single place.
check_circle Access to 1K+ agents worldwide
check_circle Publish your own courses, accommodations and service fees
check_circle Send online quotes
check_circle Online applications
check_circle Multi providers
check_circle Promotions
check_circle Custom integrations
check_circle Unlimited leads
check_circle Multi offices and permissions
check_circle Multi currencies
check_circle Sales report
check_circle Performance report
check_circle General behavior report
check_circle Visa, flights, health insurance and OSHC management
check_circle Multi sales pipelines
check_circle Leads perception
check_circle Well organized agenda with tasks and events
check_circle Files upload
check_circle Generate documents and contracts
check_circle Send emails
Enhance your experience in the platform
Promote Yourself
Your courses listed on our hub to hundreds of agents and students.
$39.90/month (This module is only available to include in the Quote + CRM plan)
Powerful tools to help you manage payment plans, receivables, bills and commissions, all integrated and in one platform!
$20/month per campus (This module is only available to include in the Quote + CRM plan)
Create unlimited quote templates and unique campaigns to your leads, plus beautiful experiences to attract more students.
$10/month per campus (This module is only available to include in the Quote + CRM plan)

Customize your plan
Choose how many users you'll have
3 users
1 26+
and also the number of your school campus
1 campus only
1 20+

Quote + CRM
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Promote Yourself
(fixed price per month)
(price for 1 campus only)
(price for 1 campus only)
Do It Yourself: Update your values on your own, for free.
Or, ask for our Data Entry Service (Optional), and let us take care of your data updates. For more details, talk to a consultant.
Online Applications (Optional): $10/per application - For students applications made through the platform, it will be charged a fee of $10 per application, being accounted and included in your next billing.
Monthly Cost
Billed annually w/ discount (15% OFF)
or pay monthly
Billed monthly
or pay annually w/ discount (15% OFF)
After using your 7 days of free trial, this is your annual cost that we estimated accordingly to the modules and tools you've selected above. No hidden fees. We value the transparency with our customers.
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