• Can I upload my own School's fees?

    Yes, it is possible. You can create the profile of the School, Campus, add description, photos, videos, programs, accommodations, and any other fees charged by the school to send quotations and generate reports later. Remember that you must be a legitimate representative of that institution.

  • What else can I upload?

    Your own fees, partner’s accommodation fees, student’s documents and any other information that can help you to track sales of your portfolio of products.

  • Is my data safe? Where is my data stored?

    Yes. Very safe. We have a partnership with Google Cloud. We use industry standard SSL to keep your account and data secure and backup daily to two different locations. We use Zoop to process any payments and therefore do not store confidential credit card information on our servers. No one has access to your account and data except you.

  • What about my leads?

    All your customer data is also secure. We don't sell information to third parties, we don't receive information from blogs, we can't even see your customer's data, it's encrypted.

  • What is the payment method?

    Credit card or bank slip for companies located in Brazil. Paypal, Stripe or bank deposit for companies located overseas.

  • I don't want my sales reps seeing sensitive information. Are there different levels of privileges for staff?

    Yes! You can have 6 levels of permission. Each role will have different access to the tool and your account data.

  • Can I remove or add team members and offices?

    You can add or remove offices and users at any time. If you add team members, we'll automatically adjust your plan and charge you proportionately for new users.

  • Are there already a database of schools in your system?

    Yes! Nobody else has this database but us! We also offer an exclusive tool that calculates special rates based on the nationality of your students. In addition, we work with several Partner Schools, which update their own portfolio of products on the Platform. Ally is the only integrated Platform that offers all the tools you need to grow your business.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us at any time.